About Us

MAPSN is a peer support organization established by nurses, for nurses. We understand the unique challenges that nurses face when battling substance use disorder. Our community is built upon a foundation of empathy, shared experiences, and the collective strength of those who have triumphed over substance use disorder. We believe in the power of unity and the profound impact of hearing stories from those who have been there, stories that inspire hope, resilience, and the belief that recovery is attainable.


To create a haven of compassion, understanding, and support for nurses battling substance use disorder. Our mission extends to upholding public safety by supporting nurses in their journey towards recovery, ensuring the well-being of both our nursing community and the patients we serve.


A world where stigma surrounding substance use disorder is dismantled, and nurses confidently seek the support they deserve, fostering their personal and professional growth.


  • Compassion: We embrace each nurse’s journey with empathy, providing a safe haven for healing and growth.
  • Honesty: We value honesty and integrity, both within our community and in our organization’s work, building trust and authenticity.
  • Community Impact: We recognize our responsibility to promote public safety by supporting nurses in their wellness path. Through our collective efforts, we contribute to improved healthcare systems and patient outcomes.
  • Gratitude: We hold deep appreciation for the trust of nurses seeking support, the dedication of nurses offering help, the commitment of volunteers and staff, all contributing to the path of healing and safer healthcare environments.