Hugo Vieira on The K-Zone

An in-depth conversation revolving around Hugo’s journey as a nurse, his struggle with substance use, and the establishment of Massachusetts Peer Support for Nurses; a safe space providing peer support for nurses dealing with similar experiences.

The radio interview emphasizes the impact of the nursing profession’s stress, lack of awareness of substance use disorder in the medical field, and the societal stigma surrounding it. Hugo’s personal experiences led him to create a platform for peer support that could potentially assist other nurses in similar situations.

Key Takeaways

“Massachusetts Peer Support for Nurses”: Vieira founded the organization to help other nurses struggling with substance use disorder from his personal experience. The peer support group offers a space for nurses at various stages of their careers to share their experiences and offer support to each other. Users can access more information via their website and with an e-mail address.

Hugo Vieira’s Personal Struggles: Hugo’s story highlights the challenges healthcare professionals face between stress on the job and difficulties in their personal lives. Hugo resorted to alcohol and substance use to cope. He confessed to stealing medication from his workplace leading to a felony conviction and him contemplating suicide.

Overcoming Struggles: Hugo managed his situation by first admitting his condition and seeking help. He received treatment for a year, and his engagement with the Substance Addiction Rehabilitation Program in Massachusetts was vital to his recovery process. Hugo’s story emphasizes the importance of seeking help and indicates it’s possible for individuals to regain control of their lives despite struggling with addiction.

Role of Peer Support: The interview highlights the beneficial role of peer support for professionals dealing with substance use disorders. The shared experiences in a non-judgmental and supportive environment help individuals understand they are not alone in their struggles. Peer support is also essential in encouraging individuals to seek professional help.

Perception towards Addiction: The conversation underscores the discourses around addiction, specifically its stigmatization even within the health sector. The discussion is a call-to-action to address substance use disorder among healthcare personnel assiduously and encourage healthcare facilities to provide support structures that allow their employees to seek help without fear of judgment or reproach.